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If you are raising kids, you are navigating technology with them.

What are they doing on those devices anyway? Should you spy on them? Or will that hurt your relationship in the long run? Parents and educators look to me for practical, timely, and non-judgmental advice to set our kids up for success in a digital world, and in life.

Since earning my Ph.D. in Media/Technology and Society from Northwestern University, I’ve been working with communities, schools and companies across the United States and beyond. I speak to schools, organizations, and corporations, lead workshops, and consult with educators on their toughest concerns in teaching kids to use tech in a thoughtful way. My book, Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World gives parents new insights into kids’ digital world, so they can stop feeling afraid of tech and become tech-positive parents. My next book, Growing Up in Public, will be out with Penguin Random House in September.

I’ve written about kids and tech for New York Times, The Washington Post, Fast Company and CNN Opinion.

Our kids need digital mentors to become the best people they can be in our connected world.  I’m Devorah Heitner, and I’ve been supporting parents and educators to help children thrive in a digital world. I’m here to take the fear out of this emotionally-charged topic and help you guide your kids toward empathy, kindness, and integrity.

Getting this right sets kids up for a lifetime of success in a world where they are likely to find a job, meet their partner, and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities.

When I’m not writing or speaking, you’ll find me relaxing with my family in Chicago. You may also find me listening to podcasts, or enjoying the midwestern weather at my kid’s cross-country races.

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Devorah Heitner, PhD

Dr. Devorah Heitner is the author of Growing Up in Public: Coming of Age in a Digital World. She has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. You can follow her on Substack and Instagram @devorahheitnerphd.